Información sobre las clases

Jam MadridJam Madrid I decided to give private lessons of Lindy Hop, Blues and Balboa.
The structure is very simple.

Classes are for ONE PERSON, in the case of a Leader (Man) advise that comes with a Follower (woman) in any case, if you have a dance partner may also assist the couple, but the idea is to focus on one of the members.
We find a time that it is good for both.
Think what you want to improve / polish and I write or speak before class. I will prepare what you want and / or need
The place You choose, i prefer my new house. It is designed for dancing, a nice stereo, space available and I have always stuff in the fridge;-).
The price. Ufff… the truth is that my first choice was to do it for free due to my passion with the Swing. But a good friend convinced me otherwise, it’s true I’ve been doing thousands of miles around the world to dance and gain the necesary knowledge and that cost me some money … (Best leave it there;-) …) and it is important to assess the work of the people. But I want to share my knowledge and I do not want to be expensive for people who want my help. So this is her Class prices. 25 Euros an hour. 20 Euros for my fraternity brothers Swingverg����enza. You also have the possibility to get a pack of 5 classes for 100 € (80 € for Swingvergüenza) that you can share with another person such as your dance partner.
Classes can be in Spanish or English.
If you want to request or any explanation about them here I leave the link