Blues in Bordeaux. The Moon Blues 2013.

3 hours driving from home ( Vitoria- Gasteiz ) is Bordeaux. A city that i discovered for Swing  a few months ago and a few days ago I attended the The Moon Blues Festival  (TMB ) . It was a great experience, well organized for a first festival, with passion and affection almost always a […]


My trip to Barcelona 1

Barcelona is known as one of the  bigger and best  swing scenes  in the world , and yet it is . But I’ve had a feeling for a year and a half very strange for me. Barcelona was the ” mecca ” where I wanted to go. Always I was wishing going  to dance with […]

Why i have decided to teach?

On Sunday when I was sharing a table and tablecloth with several fellow dancers and expressed the intention of teaching, someone asked me …. Why do you do it? And it was the first time I’ve had to put on “high”. The answer I came out of the soul.Because I enjoy!. I enjoy dancing of […]


Foto del perfil_n

Here it is my web 1

Me he lanzado y he decidido abrir esta web. Que voy a poner en ella, o al menos cual es mi intencion???. NO tengo ni idea, solo se que voy a ser yo. Eso si, conozco perfectamente  el motivo que me ha empujado a dar este paso definitivamente, tras estar meditandolo durante bastante tiempo. He […]