This Gastroswing 2015 is gonna be….

Gastroswing 2015

As many oo you  know, I have been, I am and I will continue being involved in Gastroswing. During its first 3 editions as president of Association Swingvergüenza  and later as a partner / worker. Working  closely with the general coordinator of Gastroswing (Donca), the great WORKERS of Gastroswing a lot of volunteers giving their best (impossible to name them all). Normally the analysis of the events  are made and the results are analysed after de festival. But for this Gastroswing I’m going to skip this “rule”, read on and you’ll know why …

Gastroswing is an event that soon began to appear just after founding the association, no one can assign herself/himself the merit of creating it, the reason is very easy. Although the baby “born” in a car from Barcelona to Vitoria after a Barswingona (2010) (6 hours driving is  far …) . But the baby existed before, we had concerns and had spoken of a “Workshop”, we knew that every time we brought some   teacher / to Vitoria (Ana, Jaume, Maria, Sonia, etc …), they give us facilities (price, accommodation, travel …) because they were betting for a community of “crazy” people in a small town (smaller than some “neighbourhoods” of Barcelona). But they  all said …, “but later we will eat ???”. Gastroswing was born ….

I remember fondly the Gastroswing, trying to achieve “International” profs to sell it to the town hall (thinking we needed their support, political, phew ….), but Spanish spoken teachers…..i remember talks by phone with teachers so they tell us how much to pay and how to hire them for a festival … (Thanks Pep and Emi …). What a madness of  festival. They came 80 people, saved economically thanks to Madrid people who came en masse …. Everyone enjoyed a lot a finished very happy, but to be honest, we learned a lot ….

In the following we grew gradually, appeared cider and “Txuletón” begin to bring more internationally known teachers and between organizers and attendees was developing what I think without false modesty BEST SPAIN festival ….

But with this V Gastroswing, I have the absolute conviction that will be the best for may   reasons…. Here we go …

Bands … Doc Scanlon and his super band and the GORDON WEBSTER band (for many people including me, the best dance band in the world). Best bands for a festival of dance i can imagine. The teachers of SOLO,  Hector, a crack, an amazing dancer that everybody knows… and Ksenia, a crack that most do not know more than their videos …I am sure that in a few months everybody will know.   The SOLO track this year is brutal ….

And Lindy Hop, have the couple that everyone knows, Skye and Frida, nothing to say but that they are number 1 in the world. Juan & Sonia, an explosive mixture (Juan an artist by all sides and Sonia, i  will not say anything, she’s my weakness …), Sax & Ale, come with a barbaric illusion. Max and Pamela, Max lot of people say he’s the best world dancer in social and comes with Pamela that “such dance”. And my commitment as a surprise this year. Fabien & Lisa. You’re going to enjoy with them both inside and outside of class, I met years ago thanks to the Blues (are among the top 3 without doubt in  Blues), but Lindy hop…, still do not understand how there are much better known. The 5 couples are great.

I do not want to leave behind DJs Oh my Swing and Dr. Risi. Both dancers, who know what we need to dance. With the DJs we are covered to spare.

But this is just the poster, Gastroswing will be many more and this is where we go for the honors.

Every year we send a survey, and after reading all the answers, we could see that things get better … Well this year we will all …

New rooms, without audition, invitational level, new dinners, more organized and possibility to have dinner “during” the parties, Jack & Jill, better street parties, best welcome bag and this is just a small list …. As going to be able to see … we have heard your suggestions …

But we have more … the most important ingredient.

This year the level of involvement of volunteers is AMAZING !!!!. . The partners help, contribute, and all this work for many weeks. Come up with time and with the possibility of taking care of every detail … I’m sure something will not come out perfect, but not because we have not tried ….

Therefore the difference compared to other festivals in the world versus the Gastroswing are not going to be on bands, nor the teachers, nor the organization, even the steak !!!. Will be the volunteer community / Swingvergüenza partners that are giving their best for many weeks now … And so I wanted to post this before the festival. Leave clear publicly my admiration for all volunteers Gastroswing 2015 with the new board of the association and all coordinated by Mr Donca ….

Thanks all for making this possible.

I am ready to give my best for V Gastroswing 2015.


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