“No dance” significance

Lot of time that I did not write on my webpage. The reasons, can be many, but  is importat to live the present … And that’s what I want to talk about ….

Some of you know, that very recently, I have suffered the sudden loss of my great friend Gus. It has been a very hard blow, but reflecting on the situation, and recognizing the pain I still feel for his loss. I want to talk about one of the many things that I have learned by him since I met him 6 years ago. Gus did not dance, I took him to one of my classes, he tried, but he just did not like it. And I can assure you, that seen with perspective, it’s one the the best thing that could have happened to me. Gus has been the best guide in the rediscovery of the rest of my life.

With the prospect of 11 years of dancing, and absolutely hooked on the vice of dancing and traveling for dancing. A friend had to come to open my mind once more and show me how important it is not to make plans ALL dance weekends. How enriching it is to make a vacation without looking for a “workshop”. That I can be a weekend in Vitoria and not go dancing. I can assure you that now, when I am going to dance, I go with renewed energy, I meet new people, I hug and dance with the old friends. Giving space to the dance has made me renew my dancing spirit.

Those who have “ever suffered” one of my “talk” have heard about ATTITUDE … Well, it is perfect for this situation Not only attitude towards the dance,  attitude towards life and now in a more personal aspect attitude to overcome the bad moments ….

My advice is clear …. Enjoy life 100%, both on the dance floor and OUTSIDE!!!.

Thanks Gus. Forever my friend.


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