Gastroswing is above all a big party… with swing dancing as an excuse!. The Big difference with other festivals? we don´t want you to be stressed, eating a lousy sandwich between lessons. We rather have you relaxed and enjoying every single moment, including the breaks.

In our third edition, we will try to go even further than the first and second Gastroswing, and we will try to offer you:

At the classes

  • First world level teachers: we already count with Jamin Jackson, Sonia Ortega, Ali Taghavi, Katja Uckermann, Eiki Gudmunsson, Subei Wo.
  • Reduced gropus: no more than 40 people per class; no more than 2people without partner per class
  • Wooden floor in the class halls: we also take care of your knees.

Outside the classes

In Gastroswing we don´t want you stressed, eating a lousy sandwich between lessons. We rather have you relaxed and enjoying every single moment, including the brakes. We organize not only the meals… also we put our own buses when a they are required.  And nobody is going to eat whatever. There are people travelling to Basque Country just to taste one of the meals that we offer you at Gastroswing. And we have High Level Couisine at very good prices. You will discover the real gastronomic Basue world.

Our official hosting option, is a 4 star rated Hotel, in a very special place of our charming city.

Everything will have place at Vitoria-Gasteiz (European Green Capital 2.012) and its environment. Our Festival is happy to have the collaboration of the Tourism Department of Vitoria-Gasteiz.and our activities are placed on historical streets, XVI Century casttles, contemporary museums… spectacular lacations on modern neighbourhoods…  and when we get out from the city… we do it around the incredible basque landscape: rocky mountains, but also green ones, green valleys lakes, forrests….

Everything managed from a team who has already proved that Gastroswing is a first level event if we talk about organization and environment.

Have a look at previous edition graphicall material, and pay attention to our Facebook group. Gastroswing will catch you: is a different event, very big but friendly and familiar. Have a look at some of the comments from previous participants:

  • Best Swing Event I’ve ever seen. Really thrilling.
  • Congratulations to the whole team. A perfect organization!!.
  • Hostess atention was perfect for me,in any way you look.
  • My God: please keep allways a lunch at the cyder place!!.
  • It’s been very intense, a complete schedule, diufficult to reach healthy to the end. Congratulations.
  • Fantabulous
  • People at Vitoria never said NO to a swing, they could be tired, exhausted,  cansados, drowned in sweat, even dead… but it made no difference for them; my applause.
  • The Team attitude has been the best one. I hope will be more Gastroswing.